About Me


I am Andreea

Andreea Bucur wedding designer and planner styling a wedding table

A multi-passionate creative irrevocably in love with nature. A wedding and event designer, with a background in conservation biology. Proud creator of Teastyle and master daydreamer, with a passion for culture and exploration.

Just the right balance between highly organised scientist and unconventional creative, to create a stunning experience for your most special day.

A Few Things About Me

I’m an explorer at heart, with boundless curiosity and passion for every living thing. An avid traveler, I am at home wherever I go. Nine years ago I moved from my native Romania and found a new home in the UK. Charmed by the people and culture of the British Isles, I decided to stay a while.

I prefer to take the less traveled roads and immerse myself in the local culture. Discovering quirky corners and learning about the lifestyles and traditions of people makes my life and work richer.

At the moment I’m dreaming of a year I’ll spend in Japan, followed by another year in Costa Rica. Equally fascinated by one’s culture as I am by the other’s natural richness, I don’t imagine I could spend any less time than a year exploring each. Which is why, I’m still dreaming at the moment.

Until then, you’ll find me in my home, just outside North London, in a lovely green and quiet location. Most days I’m at my desk by the window, immersed in work. Occasionally glancing at the animals outside. Sometimes jumping to photograph a bird doing something interesting. And when I’m not at my desk I usually play with flowers, photograph nature in all it’s glory, work in the garden, dance, cook and watch sitcoms.

Andreea Teastyle wedding designer wearing leaf crown and covering face

This is what happens when inspiration strikes and you have no one around to model your creations. You model them yourself. Rather reluctantly, but you do it anyway, because you love what you do.

Creativity often comes and goes, at the most unexpected times. And when you get it, it overflows. Flexibility is key. Keeping things fluid and diverse. Trying something new. And leaving room for ideas to take shape.

Teastyle wedding designer, Andreea, wearing a floral crown designed by her

Why I do this

…Because it brings a moment of joy and wonder in someone’s life. It brightens their day, and gives them a beautiful memory to treasure for life. And sometimes it does more…

Teastyle has become a part of who I am. It’s what I want to bring into the world. Beauty, wonder and meaningful memories to the people I work with. My clients are my friends. So, I see it as my mission to take them on a wonderful journey.

But Teastyle is also my avenue to feeding my other passions and creating purpose-driven work. I want through my business to have a positive impact and contribute to nature conservation, social equality, education and sustainable entrepreneurship. Through the process and resources I use. Through the ideas I put forth and the context I create. And through donations to these causes – you can read about this on the Services page.

It’s as simple as that :). Creating something beautiful for good! One day at a time.

Couple during wedding ceremony in Greece

“…She took our ideas, our vision, and transformed them into something better… Differing tastes did not stand in her way; budget did not stand in her way; and distance (we had the ceremony in Greece) definitely did not stand in her way. … Andreea came up with a curated set of options for us and somehow managed to pull all of our different choices into one fantastic experience.”



Teastyle wedding designer styling a place-setting

My Work

Main sources of inspiration for me are nature, culture, art,  interior design, fashion and architecture. My style is eclectic. So, I’ll easily flow from clean minimalism to lush romantic and will often mix vintage with modern elements. But I’m always aiming for a timeless look, defined by effortless elegance and distinctive touches.

I like to create unstructured, organic and flowing compositions, that feel natural, and have an ethereal quality about them. Unconventional formats, beautiful textures, bold or interesting colour combinations, and unusual shapes are my signature.

Seasonality also plays a major role in my work. Both from an aesthetic and sustainability perspective. I always create from a place that observes and pays tribute to seasonal landscapes, resources and rituals. In my Portfolio, you’ll notice that I sometimes create floral arrangements for my designs. Gorgeous, surprising  florals and plant installations, that reframe a natural scene, are one of my biggest passions in my work.

Stretching my creative arm every now and then, allows me to bring more ideas to life and connect better with the artists I often work with. So, on occasion, I create floral arrangements, stationery, hand dyed linens, and photograph some of my projects.

“People may forget what you say. They may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel” 

(Carl W. Buehner)

My Journey

Teastyle was my response to 6 years of corporate work.

I stumbled across wedding planning over 4 years ago, while planning my own wedding. At the time I was working as a scientist in a pharma company – not why I studied biology in the slightest. It was a job I took out of necessity and it helped for a while. But, I hadn’t been happy with it for a long time.

My new-found interest for wedding planning turned out to be the answer to leaving the 9-5 job. A few months into this realisation I quit and started my business – Teastyle.

At first I planed tea parties.

Afternoon tea was something I really enjoyed and I was really interested in tea culture in general. My background wasn’t a creative one so I trusted my organisational skills more than my artistic capabilities. I focused on planning and every now and then I tried something more creative.

Ten months into starting the business I planned the first wedding.  And I enjoyed having a change of pace and more diversity in my work.

I’m really bad with routine, especially from a creative perspective. Accentuating individuality and creating something unique is essential for me. Recreating the same thing time and time again, or following what everyone else is doing, is really not my game.

So, I started taking on more complex roles for my clients to stretch myself and focus on creative work. The first immersive event I created was a revelation and it gave me the spark for what I was going to focus on.

Crafting thoughtful, meaningful and awe inspiring experiences. The kind that draw inspiration from people’s uniqueness, from cultures around the world, from the marvel of nature and the distinctive beauty of places. Experiences that stay with you for life, and open your eyes to amazing new things. That is  aligned to my core and gives me an insatiable desire to create every day.

Details of wedding table filled with flowers designed by Andreea Bucur of Teastyle
Bridal bouquet with peonies and garden roses

“…Andreea was amazing in arranging everything. We never imagined we could find someone so able to understand our needs and to put into practice what we had in mind. She took the entire load of our shoulders and dealt with even the tiniest of aspects of our wedding planning. And this made things so easy for us…She managed to create something amazing. And our wedding day was such a wonderful experience that we would love to do it all over again, exactly the same.”


Images on this page © Andreea Bucur | Paul Bucur | Inna Kostukowsky | Nian Photography