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The wedding consultation service is dedicated to couples who like to be hands on, and manage every aspect of their wedding themselves. If that is you, then we have a lot in common :).

Planning a wedding can easily become overwhelming. A lot of problems can crop up along the way that can take the fun out of it. So, I wanted to offer something a little different to couples who like to do it all on their own. You know… to make sure that they continue to enjoy the process.

This service is meant to offer a support system, in case some difficulties appear along the way. Kind of like a coaching programme, intended to give you wedding advice and a helping hand when you need to get organised, when you can’t find the right ideas and resources, or if  some issues crop up. A little direction and inspiration to get you started or help you when you’re stuck.

You can book a wedding consultation at any point during the planning process. Whether you need advice on where to get started, or how to get everything organised, find inspiration and communicate your vision to your vendors, or plan the wedding program.

Below is a step by step description of how this process works and some of the things you can discuss during a wedding consultation session.

Wedding Consultation Process

Step 1

Start by booking your wedding consultation below. You’ll need to give me a few short details about you and the things you’d like to discuss.

Each month I can take only a limited number of consultations . You’ll know how many slots are available by looking in the booking section below. Once the month is fully booked I open the calendar for next month. So if you don’t book in time, you might miss a chance to have your consultation in the current month.

You’ll be able to book afternoon slots (UK time) on Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays, and morning slots on certain Saturdays. Please allow at least 3 days between the time when you book and the appoinment. 

Step 2

You’ll receive an email confirmation for your appointment from my calendar. Next I’ll send you a short questionnaire that you can fill-in online, and the invoice for the booking deposit.

You’ll need to send your questionnaire answers and pay the booking deposit, no later than 3 days before the appointment. This will allow me to prepare for our meeting and maximise the time we have to discuss.

The deposit is 50% of the 2-hour Consultation fee (listed below).

Step 3

Next we’ll have the consultation. This is a 2-hour video-call on zoom – you will need to download the app, but you don’t need to make an account.

During this call we’ll discuss your wedding plans and what you need help with. I will aim to give you as much advice as possible on the call and I’ll follow that up with an email summarising my advice and any aditional resources I can reccomend.

Step 4

If the advice and tips I offer you during the call are sufficient and you feel you’re all sorted out, we’ll stop there. In the follow-up email you’ll also get the second and final invoice for the remainder of the fee.

However if you need more support and resources you can also get some additional hands on help from me. This may include a sourcing service for a venue or a supplier, creating a planning timeline for you, or creating a bespoke design proposal for you to help you visualise and communicate your ideas to the suppliers. In the resources section below you can find all the additional resources you can get with this service.


Additional Services

You can request additional services during the consultation session. These will be charged a separate fee and they will be added to your second invoice. 

If you decide a few days/weeks after the consultation that you need further support, you can get in touch via email and we can discuss either doing some additional consultation sessions or providing you with any supporting documents or services, as applicable. 

Below you can see all the supporting documents and additional services you can request as part of the wedding consultation package, and the prices.

Depending on the size and complexity of the supporting documents you can expect to receive them within 1-3 weeks from the time of the original consultation.

What you can get help with

Here’s a list of topics you can get advice and guidance on during a wedding consultation session:


  • Where to start & how to get organised for planning the wedding;
  • What are the first things you need to do before you start planning;
  • How to make an action plan or a planning timeline;
  • Planning your ceremony and what should/can be included in each type of ceremony;
  • How to register and requirements for different types of ceremonies;
  • Tips for readings and vows during the ceremony
  • Where to look for venues & suppliers;
  • What to look for when sourcing and how to know which venue or supplier is right for you;
  • How to prioritise booking your suppliers;
  • What you should include in your budget, how to set your initial budget and how to stay within the budget;
  • How to keep track of your budget and make sure you don’t miss any expenses;
  • What to prioritise for the wedding based on your style, budget and overall vision for the day;
  • Ideas for a wedding concept or theme;
  • Tips on how to achieve a cohesive look for a certain concept or theme;
  • How to choose a colour palette and other aesthetic details for the wedding;
  • How to communicate your vision to your suppliers efficiently;
  • Ideas for catering or entertainment;
  • General questions about limitations & conditions from venues/suppliers or a certain supplier’s process;
  • How to make sure that their personality comes across in their wedding day and still have an elegant wedding;
  • Tips for choosing stationery and what should be included in a stationery pack;
  • When to send save the dates and invitations, and what timeline should you give your guests for RSVPing;
  • How to set and manage a guest list, and how to make a seating plan for the ceremony/reception;
  • Where to buy bridal and groom’s attire/accessories and how to choose something that fits your style and personality;
  • Inspiration and ideas for your bridal hairstyle and make-up;
  • Ideas and resources for groomsmen’s and bridesmaids’ look;
  • Help deciding whether to have a destination wedding or not and/or where to have it;
  • Advice on wedding destinations in general and how they are different from a local wedding;
  • Transportation for the couple and guests on the wedding day – ideas & resources;
  • General advice on travel for destination weddings;
  • How to create a set up in cleaning plan on the day when you don’t have a co-ordinator;
  • Planning a programme for the wedding;

Additional Services

In addition to the advice I offer during the consultation, you can also get further  hands on support from me. This can be in the form of bespoke planning documents, inspiration and styling guides, or venue / supplier sourcing. 

Here is a full list of things you can get in addition to your wedding consultation:

Planning documents:

  • general planning timeline / detailed planning timeline (with due dates & ‘to do’ list);
  • initial budget formulation to help you understand how much you can allocate to each wedding element based on your priorities;
  • planning & inspiration briefs to fill with your details and inspiration images to provide to your suppliers;
  • planning progress cards – to help you keep track of your planning activity.
  • template for wedding programme or tailored (editable) wedding programme;

Inspiration & styling documents

  • bespoke mood board and style boards;
  • bespoke design proposals to guide your creative process, with tips on how to implement everything;
  • inspiration cards for one visual element of your wedding – flowers, reception decor, etc.;

Other services

  • Venue /Supplier selection – 5 to 7 venues/suppliers, hand-picked to suit your style, location, requirements and budget;













*Up to 3 large topics (i.e. budget, how to find inspiration for the wedding, venue and supplier sourcing ideas, etc.) can be covered in a 2-hour session. The booking fee is 50% of this price.

**The price applies to only one type of supplier (i.e. catering or photography).

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Consultation Service - Terms & Conditions


1.  Please note that I cannot offer legal advice, or any advice on insurance aspects and contracts you have with your venue and suppliers. I also cannot offer moral and/or psychological support, or advice for personal and family issues that you may encounter during planning.

2.  The 50% booking deposit must be paid minimum 3 days in advance of the consultation date. Otherwise I cannot guarantee my availability for your chosen date.

You will receive an email with an invoice and payment instructions, immediately after booking the slot.

The second payment will be due after the consultation. You will receive the final invoice in an email, along with a summary of the advice and resources I oferred during our meeting.

If you request additional services, the fee for those services will be added to this final invoice.

3.  In case you need to cancel the booking, please inform me in writing as soon as possible at events@teastyle.co.uk. I will get in touch with you to discuss rescheduling to another date. If you cancel more than 3 days before the meeting, your deposit will be refunded in full. However if you cancel less than 3 days before the appointment the deposit is non-refundable.

Any fees paid for services after the consultation, are not refundable.

4.  Please understand that although my advice is based on years of experience and a deep understanding of how an event should be run, it is solely your responsibility and that of your suppliers to plan and manage the logisitcs of your wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly.

5. To provide appropriate advice and create adequate support materials you will need to respond fully to all my questions. All the information you provide before, during and after the consultation to help me provide you with this service is fully confidential and treated as such.

However, I will never ask you for confidential personal information outside of your email and phone number, which I will use strictly for the scope of providing these services.

6. For any monthly offers and prizes, to qualify, you must book a wedding consultation appointment within the given timeline and pay the booking deposit in full.

Winners are picked randomly and announced on my instagram profile and via direct email.