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Just in case you landed here first and you don’t know who I am or what I do: My name is Andreea, and I am a wedding designer and planner. Creating wonderful, memorable experiences that surprise and delight people is my passion, my art and what I wake up thinking of every morning. 

Doing what I do, I get to work with some amazing people from all walks of life. Each couple brings a new story, a new (personal) culture, a different style and a new vision to the table. And, I love to explore all of them to create unique and utterly personal experiences for their wedding day.

My focus is always on quality and delivering an outstanding experience to my clients. This means that each year, I only take 5-7 full weddings, to allow me to dedicate enough time and energy to each couple, as they deserve. So make sure to get in touch as early as possible.

My role

As a wedding designer it is my job to create an overall vision and to curate beautiful and meaningful details for your wedding day. Through design I create the look and ambience of the whole experience.

Managing the logistics of the day, ties in perfectly with the design role. The planning process gives me oversight and flexibility to ensure things go smoothly and everything is delivered to perfection. To you this means, less spreadsheets to update, less schedules to create, and less  people to manage and communicate with.

My number one priority is for you to feel comfortable with the entire process. To enjoy your engagement period and to trust me to do the right thing for you. From the start, I take the time to get to know you well. I like to understand who you are, your dreams and your circumstances. What moves and excites you, and what your wedding day means to you. This allows me to translate your personality, style and values into your wedding.


Creative process

My creative process is centred around thoughtful design. Meaning that each component I add has a well thought purpose or meaning in the overall experience. I often use unexpected details and unconventional settings, to surprise and engage on every sensory level.

My inspiration always starts with you. That instantly gives me a unique angle to work from. I look at your lifestyle, your culture, your story and the place where you’re getting married, to create an original concept (you can read about my approach in this article) . And I piece it all together, carefully considering how everything will work as a whole. Ultimately, I aim to create well rounded experiences, that tell your story in the most beautiful, considerate way and captivate your guests.


Location-wise, I work across the UK and Europe, but my couples come from all over the world. My hub is in London and the surrounding counties. But I adore to travel, so I’ll be in my element wherever you’re thinking of getting married.

Take a look below to see how my services are structured and get an idea of what would work best for you. All wedding services are fully bespoke, of course. So, the itemised lists included in the service packages are for some initial guidance.

Teastyle wedding design, planning and styling service package


Design, Planning & Styling


This is the big one, where we work together from beginning to end. The full service, that is going to give you complete peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your engagement.

With this package, you get:

  • me crafting your entire look and ambience for the day;
  • me dealing with all the admin work;
  • on the day set-up, vendor co-ordination and clearing;
  • and of course that touch of magic called professional styling.

What's Included

  • Up to 12 hours of face-to-face consultations (1-2 hours sessions on video calls or in person).
  • Up to 3 site visits.
  • Original concept development, giving consideration to your personality, lifestyle, story and the location and season in which you are getting married.
  • A visual design proposal – including a minimum of a style and mood board; a selection of proposed styling items; stationery and floral briefs; a detailed room layout; table design outline, etc.
  • Venue sourcing and management.
  • Supplier sourcing, communication and co-ordination.
  • Initial budget formulation and updates.
  • Selection and sourcing of furniture, linens, tableware and decor props.
  • On the day oversight and co-ordination of set-up and clearing activity.
  • Styling of the ceremony and reception space(s), tables,  feature corners and personal details for the photographer/videographer.



Starting from £4.000


Starting from £5.600

*Includes London and home counties

All travel and accommodation costs are included in the price. 

Teastyle wedding design and styling service package


Design & Styling


For some, managing the logistics is a real pleasure. I know because I was one of those brides once.

If that rings true for you, but you find yourself struggling with ideas. You want to create something stunning but you don’t have the time. Or you’re afraid you’ll make a mess of it. Then this package is right up your alley.

This service is strictly focused on the aesthetic, to create a cohesive and immersive ambience.

What's Included

  • Up to 6 hours of face-to-face consultations (1-2 hours sessions on video calls or in person).
  • One site visit.
  • Original concept development, giving consideration to your personality, lifestyle, story and the location and season in which you are getting married.
  • A visual design proposal – including a minimum of a style and mood board; a selection of proposed styling items; stationery and floral briefs; a detailed room layout; table design outline, etc.
  • Communication of creative briefs to the relevant suppliers (florist, stationer, etc.)
  • Selection of furniture, linens, tableware and decor props.
  • Styling of the ceremony and reception space(s), tables,  feature corners and personal details for the photographer/videographer. 

This package does not include sourcing, booking or managing of venue(s)/suppliers, or co-ordination of other logistical aspects. 



Starting from £2.800


Starting from £4.000

*Includes London and home counties

All travel and accommodation costs are included in the price. 

Teastyle wedding consultation and coaching service package




I appreciate that my services might be out of budget for some couples. While others just love to get immersed in the whole process and do it all themselves.

If any of that describes you, but you’d still like to work with me, give this service a try. Think of it as your wedding coaching. A little direction and inspiration to get you started. Or  some help to sort out some snags along the way.

 You can find more details here.

What's Included

You can find the full details about this service here.












*Up to 3 large topics (i.e. budget, how to find inspiration for the wedding, venue and supplier sourcing ideas, etc.) can be covered in a 2-hour session. The booking fee is 50% of this price.

**A selection of 5-7 venues/suppliers, picked to match your style and requirements; provided for you to contact, interview and book. The price applies to only one supplier category.

“We didn’t have much of a vision beforehand and were very indecisive on what were our “must-haves” for the day. So, we really appreciated Andreea’s expertise in designing a wedding that had a cohesive look and retained a natural and relaxed atmosphere, and included our various interests/hobbies. …She was very thorough in her attention to detail, especially regarding things we hadn’t even considered. By asking the right questions, she made sure nothing slipped through the gaps ahead of the day…We are very grateful for her help and support over the last year. And would highly recommend her to anyone else planning their wedding.”


Working With Me

Before Booking

Step 1

Start by sending me an email here (the link opens in a new window, so you can keep reading). Include as many details as possible about you, your wedding plans and what you think you’ll need help with.  I’ll get back to you within one working day, confirming my availability. My reply will include an invitation for a first face-to-face (video or in person) meeting.

Step 2

During our first consultation you’ll tell me all about you, your story and your wedding vision. I will, in turn, answer any questions you might have at this stage.

I never move forward with a client without having this meeting, because I believe it’s extremely important to see each other first and have a relaxed chat. We should get a feel of how we get along before we proceed to the next stage.

Step 3

After the meeting, I’ll send you a customised wedding service proposal. This document will include a quote and a breakdown of services covered in your package. Everything will be tailored to you, based on the information you provide during our first consultation.

Step 4

If you are happy with the proposed services, we’ll proceed with the booking (YAY!). To book you’ll need to pay a percentage of the fee  and agree to the terms of service. All the details you need will be included with your proposal.

Bride smiling at a wedding for which  Teastyle has performed wedding planning and design services
Detail of wedding table design and styling
Happy bride for whom  Teastyle has performed wedding planning and design services
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After Booking


Once you’ve booked my services, I’ll send you the details for the next stages and a questionnaire. Your answers will help me structure and lead our discussions in the right direction. This way, we don’t spend a lot of face time on things that you’re not interested in. I’ll include an overview of the planning timeline so you understand how things are going to progress.

Next we’ll set a date for our first official consultation. The meeting will be for about 2 hours and we’ll focus on you and your vision for the day.

Defining your vision

After our initial meeting I’ll start working on the design proposal. The first step will be to define the concept for the wedding. I’ll also create a mood and style board (I do several inspiration boards). These will include a colour palette, textures, personal style, and seasonal or cultural elements.

In the first stages we’ll also discuss your ideal spaces, locations and ambience.  This will allow us to proceed to the planning stage. I’ll continue to add various components to the design proposal, as we progress with the logistics.


The planning process starts as soon as you have the vision boards and we’ve talked about venue options. You’ll get from me a selection of wedding venues that fit the characteristics we have discussed.

At this point you’ll need to pick which of the venues you’re interested in and visit them. I can accompany you on this visit to up to 3 venues. We’ll visit the chosen venue at least one more time before the wedding, to run through the plans on the spot.

For destination weddings, I’ll be able to do just one advance site visit. Around 2 days before the wedding I’ll be there again to run through the plans with you and  the suppliers. So, we’ll need to discuss more details in advance of selecting the venue.

Once  you have booked your venue(s), we’ll proceed to source your suppliers. Similarly, I’ll send you a selection of professionals to consider for each service.

I’ll communicate all the plans and design briefs to the suppliers and work closely with them to ensure your wedding is executed perfectly.


Outside of interviewing some of the suppliers (i.e. photographer, caterers), you’ll deal mostly with me.

I’ll provide you with regular, bi-monthly updates on all aspects of planning and design. All information will be delivered in the same clear and concise format, so you can easily keep track of everything.

In addition we’ll discuss any arising issues and urgent topics as and when they happen.

Your big day

In advance of your big day I’ll create a schedule for the entire set-up and clearing, and will communicate it to all the suppliers. Together (you and I) we’ll discuss and create a programme for your wedding.

Finally, on the day, my team and I (yes, I do have a team on the day), will be the first to arrive at the venue. We’ll oversee the entire set-up activity to ensure everything is executed to perfection. We’ll style the spaces and every detail. And we’ll help with the clearing after the wedding.

I will personally oversee the entire running of the wedding activities.


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I’m sure you still have a million more questions that need answering. So until we can get on the phone to talk in more detail, check out some of the answers below.

What style of weddings do you plan?

My weddings take their cue from the couples who are all beautifully individual. And I’m at home working outdoors, just as I am in historical buildings, chateaus, private homes, villas and modern blank spaces.

That being said, the couples I work with do have in common a preference for natural elegance, understated luxury, gorgeous florals and distinctive details. Their celebrations are often intimate, fun and bursting with personality.

Do you plan parties or events?

Yes, absolutely. I started my business planning events and still do. If it’s a bridal shower or engagement party that you’d like me to create for you, in addition to your wedding, then we can talk about it as we discuss your wedding plans. You can get in touch here to discuss.

If on the other hand you’d like to work with me for a different occasion, you should have a look at my Events website (currently being re-designed). I create some pretty amazing, one of a kind events. So, this part of my work stands on it’s own, not as a side-kick to weddings. Hence the separate website.

What if we need help with something else, that isn't listed in your detailed services?

The details under each package are for guidance only. My services are completely bespoke and I’ll tailor your package to your individual requirements. So if you need assistance buying your dress for example, or booking accommodation for your overseas guests, you can rest assured that I can help you.

If you’re not sure what you need help with or if it’s something I can assist you with,  just get in touch. We’ll have a chat and figure it out.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured with public liability insurance. This covers me and any staff I hire for my team on the day.

Are there any other fees we should know about?

After our first meeting I’ll send you a full, tailored quote for my services. My fees cover the services and the logistics required to provide you with those services (i.e. travel).

I do not charge you any other commissions or fees, either directly or through suppliers I put forth for your consideration. Having been in your shoes a few years back, transparency is extremely important to me.

Do you charge extra for travel costs?

No. Travel and accommodation costs are included in my fee. For destination weddings this includes 1 advance visit to the venue and meeting with suppliers if they can be planned at the same time, plus travel for the actual wedding day. 

Could we still work with you, if we've already booked a venue?

Yes, absolutely. I can definitely offer a lot more value if I am involved in the venue sourcing. But I’m happy to start working with you after as well. Unless you have also booked most of your suppliers and started sharing your plans with them. That falls under partial planning, and it’s not a service that I offer. If you’re not sure, better get in touch with me to discuss this.

I should point out that if you have already booked the venue, they will expect to work with you directly. So, it’s important to let them know if you hire me and that you expect them to communicate to me directly.

What happens if we already know who we want to hire for a certain supplier?

That’s perfectly fine. Some couples do hire 1-2 wedding suppliers based on family and friend recommendations. I would still like you to give some consideration to a couple of other options. It’s always a good idea to compare a few different services and styles, and (where applicable) meet them before you actually book. Someone who was great for a friend’s wedding may not be the perfect match for yours. You’ll need to consider their style and how their service addresses your own requirements.

My role will be the same. I’ll provide you with some alternatives, advise you on what you should look for in each supplier and communicate with them after they’re booked.

Do you offer partial planning?

No. I’m afraid that’s not really for me. I feel that I give my best to my clients when I work with them from start to finish.

Do you offer 'Day-Of' co-ordination or styling?

I offer this service as part of my bigger packages, but not as a standalone. I feel that I do a much better job when I know the couples well and I have worked and met with the suppliers in advance.

Do you offer just planning services – no design/styling?

No. Planning and getting things organised is in my nature. But the creative aspects of design and styling are my passion. So, I like to keep them together, or focus strictly on the creative.

Do you book the suppliers for us?

No. I only research, communicate and introduce you to them. I’ll happily attend the interviews so I am up to date with what you discuss with them. But, you are responsible for the actual booking. 

Do you make the payments to the suppliers/venue, or do we make them?

No. I’m afraid that I cannot act as a financial intermediary for you. You’ll have to make all payments to your venue and suppliers. However I’ll take note of all the payments, including the deadlines. I’ll also update your budget and add the payment dates to your planning calendar. 

How do we communicate with you during the planning of our wedding?

We’ll communicate primarily through email and phone calls (ideally calls will be planned, so I can ensure I can take the call). We’ll also have planned in person or video call meetings and venue visits.

In addition I use a web based planning platform. There I upload all your documents, including supplier agreements, quotes and proposals, your budget, floor plan, etc. You’ll be able to review and leave comments for me in there as well. 

I do not use any other messaging systems (i.e. whatsapp, facebook) for wedding related talk because it’s harder to keep track of everything. 

Will you be available evenings and weekends?

I will be available to you Monday to Friday from 9.00-18.00. So, you’ll get all my updates and we’ll chat during these times.

Occasionally, I can also accommodate an evening or Saturday venue visit or meeting. However those need to be booked well in advance to ensure I don’t have a wedding or event that day.

Sundays are usually reserved for recharging my batteries and spending time with my husband.

Do you really work solo? Or do you have a team?

For the most part I really do work solo. Throughout the planning and design stage I work alone. Only for very large weddings or events that require extensive work on my part, I hire a planning assistant.

On the wedding day though, I hire a team of planning and styling assistants to help me carry out all the tasks and keep an oversight on everything.

What was the shortest planning period you have managed?

3 Months for a wedding in Greece. It has definitely been the most intense time I spent planning and designing a wedding. Especially because it was the first time I was working in Greece and the couple also had a civil ceremony with a festive lunch 2 weeks before the wedding, here in the UK.

It all went great, but for me it’s definitely not an ideal situation. Because I like to dedicate a lot of time and attention to each couple, a short planning period like this doesn’t allow me to pay enough attention to other clients.

I would however consider doing it again if my schedule allowed it and I got along well with the couple.

What type of payments do you accept?

At the moment I accept payments only by bank transfer.

What happens if we change our mind after booking your services?

I hope that never happens, of course. But if you do change your mind after booking the services you should notify me in writing. Ideally I would appreciate it if you could provide a solid reason as well.

If you change your mind within one week of booking, you will receive the deposit back. However, if this happens later than a week, the deposit and any other sums paid until that date are non-refundable. For further details on cancellation please send me an email and I will be happy to provide you with my T&Cs.

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Giving Back…

Teastyle is a dream come true for me, and my commitment to create work for good. Everything I create, I do because I truly believe it can be of great benefit to others. Whether it’s something useful that can make someone’s life easier. Something that helps them achieve a dream. Or, it’s simply an experience that brings joy and puts a smile on their face.

In turn, through your investment in my services and products you help me give back to deserving causes. I currently donate 5% of all revenue to charities and NGOs that I respect and I know are making a real difference (more details to come). At the moment I donate to:

  • nature conservation, and
  • tackling extreme poverty and inequality for children and women, through education, support for entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

About you

Here are a few things I imagine about you. 


  • like to take the road not taken, and carve your own traditions, borrowing only what make sense to you;
  • love, love, love flowers, or any plants for that matter (bonus points if you like to go with the flow of the season);
  • want to incorporate in your wedding details that have meaning, are stunningly beautiful and inspire conversation;
  • dream of a stunning, stylish and tasteful wedding day infused with joy and personality;
  • would like to bring a little magic/whimsical and imagination to your day.
  • like to keep things intimate and care less about meeting expectations;

Does any of this ring true?  Then we’re probably going to be great friends. 🙂

Images on this page © Inna Kostukowsky | Andreea Bucur | Alex Paul Photography

Images on this page © Inna Kostukowsky