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A detailed and well structured wedding budget that helps you effectively plan and manage your finances, and prioritise the wedding aspects that matter the most to you, is the number one planning resource you should have from the get go.

wedding budget


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this wedding budget is designed to help you spend where it matters the most to you

First off, you don’t need do any guesswork. And you won’t have to work around coockie-cutter, standard budget estimations. Your wedding is unique, so your budget needs to focus on what matters the most to you.

You just need to enter a total target budget and assign a priority score to each wedding component. The rest is done for you. An estimated cost is formulated automatically for each expense. This way you know exactly how much you can expect to spend on each part of your wedding, based on what you care most about.

And if your priorities or circumstances change, you can adjust the budget as you go.

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot of the wedding budget by Teastyle with highlights of main budget features

it's easy to use & customise, and it comes with plenty of support

The budget is a simple to use excel workbook – a set of detailed spreadsheets to be more precise. It’s easy to read and to navigate, and it’s designed to make managing your wedding budget as easy as possible.

If you’re not a big fan of spreadsheets, no need to worry. There’s actually very little for you to fill in. Plus, you can’t mess anything in there because all the important bits are locked. And you also get a detailed guide on how to use it.

All services, orders and purchases in this wedding budget are editable so you can match them to the services you book.

And perhaps the best part, you get free access for 2 months to my Facebook group for the Teastyle wedding planning membership. In there you can watch live videos on how to use the budget and wedding planning in general, and you can ask me questions directly. 

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot from the guide for the wedding budget by Teastyle showing edit instructions

it gives you a clear picture of your wedding budget before you commit to any expenses

Before you go ahead and book anything, you can use the budget to get a target cost on all your wedding expenses. That way you have a clear idea how much you can spend on each element.

As you start to plan various aspects of your wedding, you have a tab where you can compare quotes and services between different suppliers or venues. You can then see how the quote from the best supplier compares with your estimated costs and decide whether you’re going to commit or not.

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot of the wedding budget by Teastyle with highlights for supplier comparison features

the wedding budget covers your most important figures in a clear & visual presentation

All the important figures in your budget are presented in clear, simple graphs for each wedding element. That way, you can quickly check and compare your expenses for each element without needing to look at numbers all the time.

In addition, you have an overview graph with visual breakdown of how the expenses are spread across all your wedding elements. You can see where you’re spending the most, where you’re over or under budget and monitor the status of all your payments.

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot of the wedding budget by Teastyle showing typical graphs from the budget

it's the most detailed wedding budget, with full cost break-down

You have a dedicated tab for each wedding element. In these tabs you can work out a full cost break-down and keep track of costs on all the services, orders and purchases you make, to the tinniest detail.

The best part however, is that this will give you an amazing starting point for your planning. You’ve got a great list of services, rental options and purchases already filled in, and space to add even more. That way you can decide from the get go what you want for your wedding and plan out, what you’ll need to look for when booking your venue and suppliers.

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot of the wedding budget by Teastyle showing the Catering tab

it provides an easy way to keep track of all your payments and due dates

In each category tab, under your expenses, there is a section where you can enter the details for payments agreed with each venue or supplier from that category, and the due dates. This info is automatically fed into a “Payments” tab. In that tab you can see all your wedding payments and keep track of due dates.

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot from the wedding budget by Teastyle showing the Venue & Payments features

VAT costs are automatically calculated for you on all services & orders

VAT costs are calculated automatically for all  services & orders. The VAT cost is based on the going rate in the country where your suppliers are based.

You have the option to change the VAT rate (from the UK standard of 20%) for each service/order. Or you can start from scratch with 0% VAT across the board if VAT is not applicable in your country.

Some venues and vendors quote without including VAT, and often VAT is shown only in the invoice. So this budget will automatically include the VAT cost for you from the start. And even if  VAT is mentioned from the start, it’s still important to see how much of your payments will be VAT and how that cost adds up on expenses that depend on number of guests.

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot of the wedding budget by Teastyle showing the VAT feature

it shows you all the figures you need to manage your wedding finances

This wedding budget is designed after the budget I create for all the couples I work with. I included all the figures you need, to get a full picture of your expenses, and efficiently manage how and where you spend your money.

You can keep track of what you’ve paid and how much you’ve got left to pay for each element. And you can see at a glance if you’re over/underspending, to adjust your future spending and/or projected costs.

Once you’ve completed all payments on a category, the paid totals turns green so you know you’re done with it :).

see the screenshot from the wedding budget

Screenshot from the wedding budget by Teastyle showing the budget overview tab with figures filled in

you can keep track of multiple sources of income to your wedding budget

You can track how much is contributed to your budget from different sources (parents, savings, income, etc.). And, you can tag which expenses are covered by each of these sources. That is if certain contributions are dedicated to a particular element in your wedding. For example parents covering the expense of an open bar at the reception.

my promise that this is the best budget you can get for your wedding

And here’s why I can make a statement like this:

  • This is the format I’ve used for years to manage my client’s budgets successfully;
  • I’ve been in your shoes and as a former bride I know what you need to have a stress free planning process;
  • I’m manic about detail and clarity, and I know for a fact that other budgets out there don’t come close to what I’ve included.
  • It’s designed to focus on what is most important to you. Plus it’s super easy to customise to what you actually need.
  • It’s meant to give you a framework from the start, of what you’ll need to plan.
  • You get plenty of support to help you make the best of it.

Not to mention that it’s beautifully designed and everything you need to see is in one place, easy to visualise.



what you get with the purchase

Your purchase includes:

1. The Wedding Budget as 2 excel files (editable on computer, tablet and phone). One file has all VAT rates set at UK’s standard 20% and another has VAT rates set at 0% – you decide which is best for you, depending on where you’re getting married.

2. A detailed guide to the wedding budget, as a pdf file.

3. FREE ACCESS for 2 months to the Facebook group for the Teastyle wedding planning membership where you can watch videos and get advice on using the file, managing your wedding budget and planning in general.

access & refunds

FILE ACCESS – Once you made a purchase your download will start automatically. You’ll also receive the files via email (please note that you will get 2 saparate emails, one with a confirmation of your purchase/invoice and the second with the download link). Therefore please make sure to enter your email address correctly. The email will provide a secure link from where you can download a zip folder with the budget and guide files. Please check your spam folder if you don’t get the email right away.

You can download the files twice from the link provided. Please download the files as soon as you get the email and save a copy in at least 2 places.

REFUNDS –  If you decide that this wedding budget tool isn’t right for you, within 7 days of purchase you can request a 60% refund.

That being said, before using the budget, please do take the time to read the guide. The workbook is easy and straightforward to use, but it’s important to see where everything is and how to fill it in before you start. And please do join the Facebook group as soon as you can, watch the live videos and ask questions if you need help with anything.

If you take all these steps and decide that you’re not happy with the budget, please get in touch at events@teastyle.co.uk for a 60% refund, within 7 days of purchase.

For more details click here to check the FAQs below and here to read the T&C’s.

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The Wedding Budget by Teastyle cover


what app or programme do i need to edit the wedding budget?

The Wedding Budget is a Microsoft Excel workbook with multiple spreadsheets. The file is editable in Microsoft Excel (Desktop & Mobile version) or similar spreadsheet app on Apple devices. That being said, please make sure you have a recent version of the app, or otherwise some of the functionality of the file may be lost and you might get errors.

is this wedding budget suitable only for uk weddings?

No, it’s suitable for any type of wedding, anywhere in the world. Before you hit the purchase button you can select from 2 currencies – GBP & USD.

However, even if your currency is not one of these, you can still use the budget. The currency symbol doesn’t affect anything in the calculations. Plus if you want to, you can change the currency yourself.

In addition, the VAT rate is editable for each service/order. So you can adjust to the rates charged in your country.

can i edit the wedding budget on my phone or online?

Yes, you can edit the budget on your phone. The file can easily be edited on any phone, if you need to make some quick updates on the go. But you will get the most out of it if you use it mainly on desktop or tablet. At least for regular reviews and to adjust your figures.

Other spreadsheet apps should also be compatible on mobile, but I cannot guarantee 100% compatibility.

Online the budget can be opened and edited with Microsoft Excel cloud based version. But some of the formatting options may be lost. In addition the look of it is affected as well.

Google docs does open the file and allows most edits. However, some of the formatting is affected, which can make it difficult to work with the file.

how easy is it to edit and manage the wedding budget?

This budget is meant for people with any skill level (for excel or managing budgets in general). It’s very easy to edit and you don’t need to do any calculations – everything is automatic. Plus it comes with a detailed user guide to help you make the most of it.

Everything is designed for you to have to edit as little as possible. You don’t need to guess what costs you will have for each wedding element. And you have very little to fill in. All you need to do is click on the cells and enter your numbers and vendor contacts. You can, if you want, change some formatting, like the colour of the text or cells. But you don’t have to. The budget looks good and is easy to read as it is.

And if you still feel uneasy about it, just join my private membership group on Facebook. In there you can watch my live videos where I show you how to use the budget and you can ask any questions.

what do i do if the file i receive is corrupted or i can't download it?

If you have trouble downloading the files or opening them, email me at designstudio@teastyle.co.uk or use the contact form below. Please include some screen shots so I can see what the issue is. I will aim to respond within 3 business days and I will do my best to sort this out for you. But if I can’t do it, I will issue you a full refund.

On the other hand, if you’ve been using the file for a while and for some reason you start getting errors, please submit your question in the Facebook group. Make sure to take notes of your latest actions in the file and some screenshots. If you post the question in the Facebook group you can get an answer faster and others may benefit from it as well.

what types of costs does this wedding budget cover?

The budget covers all types of expenses that you may incur while planning your wedding. From all the main services and detailed rental/catering orders to the smallest purchases you will make. Even the cost of travel for your meetings with suppliers is covered ;).

Each of these expenses is presented in 5 columns:

  • the estimated cost – a projected cost calculated from your target budget, based on your priority score.
  • the actual cost – the cost quoted by your suppliers and that you agree to pay.
  • the actual cost pp – for expenses that are number dependent, you can enter the price per unit or per person.
  • the cost difference – a figure that shows you how much your actual cost is over or under the estimated cost.
  • expense paid – this is for you to enter any time you make a payment; that way you know what is paid from the actual cost.
  • expense due –  is what you have left to pay from the actual cost.

how do i edit the wedding budget once i downloaded the file?

The budget comes in a zip file, along with a pdf guide. First unzip (extract from archive) the file and save it in your wedding planning folder.

Then open the pdf guide and read through. The guide takes you step by step through the contents of the budget and how to edit it.

Based on where you are planning your wedding, choose the Budget file with 20%VAT or 0%VAT. The guide includes more details to help you choose between the two. Next open the budget file and save it under your name (use “Save As”); that way if you experience any errors later on, you can go back to the original file.

Start editing the figures, as explained in the guide. And don’t forget to join the free Facebook group to watch videos on editing the budget and ask questions along the way.

is this wedding budget suitable for destination weddings or elopements?

Yes the wedding budget is perfect for destination weddings and elopements as well.

You have an entire tab/spreadsheet dedicated to travel & accommodation costs. It also gives the option to include costs for 2 venues for the ceremony and 2 for reception. That is in case you decide to have 2 celebrations in separate countries/locations. And the VAT rate is adjustable for each service in part to cater for different countries or variations between suppliers.

if a wedding cost is not included, can i add it to the budget?

Yes you can. The cost breakdown for each wedding element is very detailed. This budget covers expenses for any type of wedding, budget or location.

That being said, in each category you also have lines titled “Other” and a whole spreadsheet titled “Miscellaneous costs”. You can use those to add any costs that are not already covered.

what if i decide i don't like the wedding budget? can i get a refund?

While I am 100% convinced that this is the best tool for you to manage your wedding budget efficiently, I appreciate that the style, the format or how it is structured may not be to your liking. So, if within 7 days of purchasing you decide you don’t like it, I will be happy to give you a 60% refund from the price paid.


Because this is a digital product, once downloaded, it cannot be returned for a full refund. I have put in many hours to create a great product. So, once you have downloaded it you have access and can use it, even if you do get a refund. Therefore, I think it’s fair to offer a partial refund.


If you have made a mistake purchasing and you haven’t downloaded the files yet, I will be happy to offer you a full refund. Please email the details of your purchase – invoice number, name & email address, at designstudio@teastyle.co.uk and I will process the refund for you. Allow 3 business days for a response.

Alternatively you can get in touch via the contact form below.




If you’re not sure whether this wedding budget tool is right for you or if you have any questions before purchasing you can send me a message using the form below. I aim to respond all enquiries within 3 business days. If you don’t hear back from me within this timeframe it’s possible that your message has not reached me, so please try and email me directly at designstudio@teastyle.co.uk.

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If you have purchased the Teastyle wedding budget, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a review. However, if you are having trouble with the files purchased, please do send me a message before submitting a review – I will do my best to remedy the situation.

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Solid budgeting tool

wedding budget
Solid budgeting tool. It’s very comprehensive and has a lot of helpful resources that I wouldn’t have initially thought of (I guess it helps that it’s coming from someone working in the industry). May seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it you realize how cleverly it’s thought out and does help you with identifying areas that you need to allocate your wedding budget to. I also really appreciated the well thought out description of the product before I made the purchase.
- Gareth

the wedding budget

wedding budget
Amazing budget tool. I've tried a couple of free options, including an app which looked quite fancy and easy to use. But both proved to be quite simplistic and not as easy to manage our wedding budget properly. The Teastyle budget however is exceptionally detailed and everything is right under your nose so it's really great to keep track of all expenses and adjust our spending as we plan the wedding.
- Alice