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The Essential Collection

The collection is a set of wedding planning, design and styling templates created and editable in Adobe InDesign. These templates are crafted specifically for the wedding planning & design process. And are designed to work for different brand identities. Each individual template comes with 18+ different layouts – a combination of the 6 colour combos and the 3 font pairings shown above.

The examples above are just a small sample of designs from different templates available in the shop. The mock-ups, although just a fraction of the actual design variety included with each template, should give you a good indication of the styles covered.

The 18+ designs available with each template are consistent across all documents, so if you purchase the full bundle, you’ll have a cohesive look across all your templates, no matter what style you choose.

The samples above are also meant to give you an idea of how different elements in the templates are designed, to make the documents attractive, easy to read and to facilitate how you communicate your work to your client. 


Coming Soon

The ready-made templates that you can buy directly from this shop are currently in development. Unfortunately I cannot confirm at the moment when these will be available in the shop.

If you don’t want to wait, or if you’d like to consider having custom made templates for your brand, I do offer bespoke template design services, along with other creative services.  For more details please request my services brochure below.

If you'd like to find out about my bespoke design & consultation services use the form below to request my brochure.


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A good set of templates will do wonders for your business - from speeding-up and optimising your process, to delivering a consistent and improved experience for your clients.

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Make sure to download the right guide for your type of business - the main 5 templates I recommend are the same for all types of wedding businesses; the only difference between the 2 guides is the extra 3 templates I recommend for planners & designers, as their process & client interaction is lengthier and more complex.

Designs on this page: ©Andreea Bucur

Images in design mock-ups © Inna Kostukowsky