About me

An image of me Andreea Bucur

A nature lover at heart, passionate about every living thing and a keen traveler, I am at home wherever I go. I like to travel the less travelled roads and immerse myself in the local culture. Always excited to learn and discover new places, lifestyles and traditions that can enrich my life and work.

With a strong background in science, I never expected I would venture a career in a creative field. Planning my wedding has entirely turned things around for me. It has given me the chance to try something new and exercise my creativity.  I enjoyed it so much that I turned it into a new career.

Main sources of inspiration for me are nature, international culture, art, haute-couture fashion, interior design and architecture. My creative style is marked by effortless elegance and unconventional formats and concepts. I love fine art film photography, I collect all sorts of vintage treasures, and have a serious crush on all flowers and luxurious fabrics (think soft silks and velvet).

The best part of what I do, is seeing people’s faces as they arrive and start to take in all the details of my work.

I can’t stand routine, especially when it comes to creative work.  As a designer, I always aim to create a unique combination of details that emphasizes each client’s individual style. While not always possible, when given the opportunity, I like to step out of my creative comfort zone, do something new that I’ve never done before,  and challenge myself by mixing and incorporating contrasting elements.

I believe in creating memorable experiences, not just a pretty backdrop for photos. Which is why, I work closely with professionals specialising in all aspects of event and wedding creation. I often get involved in the design and planning of various elements such as catering, florals and entertainment. This way I ensure that my work fits in well with all the other elements of the event or wedding, and nothing disappoints.

As a planner, I am committed to quality and attention to detail. My objective is to take the pressure off, answer questions, and offer solutions tailored to the client’s needs and budget. I want my clients to be able to breathe, smile and enjoy the planning process.

Me styling a wedding table at a villa in Greece

About Teastyle – Tea makes everything better

As you might expect, I am a huge fan of the British afternoon tea. That was of course the starting point for Teastyle. But I was keen to put my mark on it. So I expanded on the idea of tea parties by exploring global traditions, as well as modern practices and innovations, to create interesting and meaningful new experiences.

I developed the concept behind Teastyle because I want to diversify the options available for business and private events. I hope this way to introduce an element of surprise and a fresh perspective on the events scene. Finally I want to inspire people to try something new and experience events differently.

Like individual lifestyle, a Teastyle design merges personal and cultural traditions with contemporary, artistic and social elements to create an original experience that is faithful to the client’s personality. In other words, Teastyling – as I like to call it, means finding the perfect ideas, rituals, customs and artistic styles associated with global tea culture, and putting them in the context of each client’s choice.

Ultimately, through Teastyle I aim to promote exploration of global cultures and encourage personal introspection, in order to create unique and meaningful experiences that celebrate diversity.

I love what I do because it fills my days with tea, music and awesomeness.



I love coffee just as much as tea.
My nickname at home is Deea.

My college degree was Biology.

I dream of a day when I’ll be able to create award winning floral installations.

I dance my way through life, because I cannot imagine living without dancing.
I love to spend time in water more than on land. Yet, I only learned to swim when I was 18.
I used to dream of being a perpetual student. I know… I’m a geek!
I am a huge foodie. I eat and cook anything from comfort food to gourmet dishes.
Alcohol makes me sleepy.

I am fond of dripping candles and the shapes they make.

I can’t stand the taste of cumin and liquorice.

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